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Nintendo Switch Battery Test – Switch vs iPad vs 3DS vs Vita

This is our biggest battery test to date to see how the Nintendo Switch stands up to the other handheld systems.

DSi – 2.41hrs
3DS – 3.25hrs
iPod Touch 2 – 3.39hrs
2DS – 3.55hrs
GBA SP – 3.59hrs
iPad 2 – 4.00hrs
iPad Air – 4.04hrs
New 3DS – 4.04hrs
iPod Touch 3 – 4.13hrs
DS Lite – 4.51hrs
PSP – 4.56hrs
GBA Micro – 4.57hrs
Vita – 5.01hrs
Switch – 5.12hrs
iPad Mini 2 – 5.39hrs
DS – 6.51hrs
New 3DS XL Mugen Battery – 15.02hrs
GBA – 29.32hrs
Gameboy – 31.12hrs
Gameboy Colour – 35.45hrs

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