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Let’s Play Anki Overdrive – King of the Hill

We get exclusive hands on with King of the Hill mode on Anki Overdrive. This is the new competitive mode in the app and utilizes the new Anki Overdrive commanders (Sniper, Apeocolypse, Sever) and cars (Big Bang, Guardian).

King of the Hill is a competitive mode where one player must avoid being taken down for 60 seconds. As you play the time accumulates so a battle develops around who can get to 60 seconds first.

When you are King your car flashes so that other players know they need to take you down.

Cars and Weapons (SKULL and GROUNDSHOCK are included in Starter Kit):
SKULL – The car’s Pirate Core lets it sail across the track at high speed while its cannon rips through enemy hulls.
GROUNDSHOCK – Its PowerStation Core electrifies the track with split-second maneuvering and lightning-fast attacks. Don’t get in its way.
THERMO – Its Magma Core engine is old-school meets future. Using hyper-charged internal combustion, it not only burns up the track, it projects fire at anyone in range.
NUKE – Its Fusion Core can be charged up to unleash ultra-high energy blasts that tear through normal shields. Its cool exterior masks an unstable explosive interior.
GUARDIAN – The car’s Siren Core keeps the pursuit of victory going at full volume. Its piercing sonic attacks go right through armor and cause challengers to lose control.
BIGBANG – This armor-plated heavyweight’s Graviton Core creates massive shockwaves that send foes flying off course.

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