Lego Dimensions “The Wizard of Oz” Adventure World Guide #10

Lego Dimensions “The Wizard of Oz” Adventure World Guide #10

In this edition of the LEGO Dimensions open World Series we fly into the land of Oz.

We quickly fly to the aid of the scarecrow and with the help of wild style we help him solve some puzzles. We take a look at the graveyard where we will need the eagerly anticipated Ghost Busters set to trap the ghosts, before making our way into the witches castle to solve another challenge to get a gold brick with the help of Shaggy and Wild Style.

The Emerald City holds yet more secrets for you to solve with the help of the Batmobile, Dr Who or Bennie from Lego Movie.

A trip to the Munchkin Village leads us not along the yellow brick road but to find out where that red brick road leads! Want to find out? Take a look!

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