Let’s Play Playworld Superheroes – (Part 4) Body Armour and Health Belt - YouTube thumbnail

Let’s Play Playworld Superheroes – (Part 4) Body Armour and Health Belt

Fourth part of our early access let’s play in the new game from the talent behind MotorStorm and Wipeout. Playworld Superheroes offers a different take on the imagination to life genre with a light touch and no heavy branding.

Perhaps this shouldn’t be a big surprise, it comes from developer Starship formed from talent responsible for MotorStorm, Wipeout, Formula 1 and an under appreciated favourite of mine split-screen racing game Blur.

Playworld Superheroes aims to offer players 5 years and up with a crafting and combat alternative to more branded Hollywood experiences. Instead there is a light eco-friendly theme and a strong focus on imagination. It’s also free from in-app purchases.

Each chapter starts in the treehouse where players craft an outfit from cardboard, yoghurt pots and crayons. It sounds a bit play school but the experience is streamlined, simple and appealing. Simple gestures let you manipulate the objects and create your own unique style to an outfit.

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