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Game Junior: Family Gaming Advice

Advice for Family Gaming Advice:
– Check GAME Junior on
– Ask GAME staff in store for advice
– Play games yourself, the best way to learn

Recent research published by Game showed that 40% of parents were concerned about video-games in the family and felt on the back foot.

Family Gamer TV present and gaming expert andy Robertson visits his local Game store to find out first hand from parents how they are getting on with video-games.

He offered three basic pieces of advice to put parents on a sure footing.
– Know Where to Start: Read up and try out video-games first hand.
– PEGI Ratings: Understand and use the PEGI ratings.
– Ground Rules: Agree some good gaming ground rules as a family.

About Game Junior:
GAME Junior is aimed at children aged 12 years and under and is the perfect place for both parents and children to visit for the best advice and age appropriate games. For more information please visit or head in store.

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