Angry Birds Go! Telepods Pig Rock Raceway (5 of 5) – Green Piggy, Red Bird - YouTube thumbnail

Angry Birds Go! Telepods Pig Rock Raceway (5 of 5) – Green Piggy, Red Bird

Getting ready for the big review of Angry Birds Go! telepods game for iPad/iPhone we take a look at each of the kart racing Angry Birds toys this week. Today it’s the Angry Birds Go Racing Rivals Launcher.

Official Blurb: “The Angry Birds app comes to life! This line of Hasbro toys captures all the launching and destroying fun of the app in physical form. The Pig Rock Raceway Set lets you launch into high-flying, speed-racing fun! Load your 2 karts on the launchers and fire them into a bird-on-bird race down the track. Can you get past the falling dynamite and the pigs that fall out of the big pig peril? Can you knock the pirate pig off the treasure chest? It’s easy to take the game to your mobile device (sold separately) and unlock your kart in the Angry Birds app! Just download the app and then put the Telepods base and your kart on your device. Scan your karts into the app and you can choose which one to race when you play the Angry Birds Go app! Fluff those feathers and run race after race with the Pig Rock Raceway Set!
Angry Birds Go! – Telepods brings your favourite video game characters to super-speedy life! There are two exciting ways to play the Pig Rock Raceway – either launch your karts around the huge 88cm track or teleport them into the Angry Birds app for hours of gaming fun. The Raceway comes with plenty of obstacles to overcome – including dynamite and pirate pigs that try to block your progress. Knock the Pirate Captain out of the treasure chest to win the game. You can even take the racing fun to your tablet or mobile device. Just download the Angry Birds Go! app and put the Telepods base and karts on your device. You can then scan your karts straight into the game and unlock all the exciting content. So don your goggles and get ready for some full-on driving action with this amazing 2-in-1 playset! The Pig Rock Raceway includes two karts (one exclusive to this set). Double Launcher is sold separately. An ideal gift for feathered fans aged five and up. “

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