Angry Birds 2 Game-Play – No Longer Under Pigstruction

Angry Birds 2 Game-Play – No Longer Under Pigstruction

While we wait for official news on what exactly Angry Birds 2 has to offer us, it seems that Rovio may have secretly been testing the game out under a different name in Canada. Angry Birds Under Pigstruction is the strangely titled game soft launched in the App Store, and features the same characters as on the Angry Birds 2 posters.

It would certainly make sense of the very odd title of Under Pigstruction, which appeared some months ago and hasn’t been pushed further by Rovio. This kind of soft launch is not uncommon for gaming apps as it enables publishers to test out the game before the whole world gets their hands on it.

No only that but the artwork we are seeing to promote Angry Birds 2 also matches the revised style of characters in Under Pigstruction. Particularly Red, who appears on the iOS icon, looks identical in both games. Furthermore the appearance of Silver bird in the Angry Birds 2 materials also matched with that bird’s appearance in the soft launched game.

The question remains as to whether there will be more for Rovio to announce at its two press conferences on 27th and 28th in San Francisco and New York. Certainly, to my mind there must be more to say with so much marketing spend going on the announcement.

I’m hoping for Rovio to revisit the toys to life genre as they did with their Telepods. The use of those physical toys to unlock in-game birds has dwindled. Many took this for a failure at retail, but perhaps they will here come back with a new NFC technology smart toy to again shake up the sector.

Either way, it will be interesting to see what the full Angry Birds 2 experience looks like. The game will launch soon after on July 20th.

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