Yo-Kai Watch – Mission and World Guide

Yo-Kai Watch – Mission and World Guide

Yo-Kai Watch is monster collecting game similar to Pokemon for the 3DS but only in theme, the games plays in a very different way, and within a very familiar world. We look how this rather simple battle system in which you are almost a spectator can and does actually become a very challenging and busy job of healing, purifying switching yo-Kai in and out of battle and performing their special and soultimate moves!

The world of Yo-Kai watch is huge and you have to spend a lot of time talking to people to find out information that may help you in solving the side quests that are all around you! And there’s a lot of them and they just keep coming!

As yo-Kai perform differently depending oh who they are with and the addition of special books, items and the ability to fuse together Yo-Kai, there is a real ability to create a very personnel and challenging team for you to battle with.

And a fun ability to take photos of your family to catch new you-Kai and use them in your game, this really is a fun and yet very challenging game!

Hope that is all ok! The first set of videos has been sent so I am just sending the next batch

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