Skylanders Superchargers Thump Truck (Wave 3)  Unbox and Gameplay

Skylanders Superchargers Thump Truck (Wave 3) Unbox and Gameplay

November 18th in Italy, saw the release of Wave 3 of Skylander Superchargers, including:

Big Bubble Pop Fizz
Hurricane Jet-Vac
Lava Lance Eruptor
Bone Bash Roller Brawl
Shield Striker
Splatter Splasher
Thump Truck
Soda Skimmer
Sun Runner

Our favourite has to be Thump Truck, the Supercharged vehicle of choice for Smash Hit and thankfully, due to Amazon Italy, we were able to get him just a few days after launch to show him to you.

Ever since Smash Hit was released, Joe has been desperate to get his hands on Thump Truck and his Dad is going to surprise him with the figure, before he unboxes it and shows you a little of this Supercharged vehicle in action.

Dates are currently stated to be as follows according to Dark Spyro forum:
DATE (ITALY): 13th November
DATE (US): 13th December (RUMOR)
DATE (SWEDEN): 6th December
DATE (GERMANY): 18th December
DATE (AUSTRALIA): 12th December

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