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Let’s Play Disney Infinity – Toy Box Hex Discs

We take a close look at the Hex shaped discs that are used in the Disney Infinity Toy Box. We look at Vehicles, Tools and Packs and Texture Packs.

We look at the Lola vehicle hover car. We look at the Spiderman’s Hover Pack used by both Hulk and Aladdin. We look at the Hulk Skydome to give our Toy Box the gamma wastelands look.

We look at some rare hexagon discs. First of all we look at the Main Street Parade Float vehicle from the parks, complete with fireworks and confetti.

We look at the rare Ghost Riders chain weapon that grants a character a ranged weapon attack. We then look at Darkwing Duck’s grappling gun weapon that is not only a ranged attack but also convenient hook shot to help with climbing.

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