Let’s Play Angry Birds Transformers – Goldbite Grimlcok Maxed with Gem Glitch

With 25 characters to unlock in Angry Birds Transformers, we couldn’t resist diving back into the game to look at two more characters, Goldbite Grimlock and Galvatron. We’ll upgrade both all the way to Level 10 and then see them in action, along with Ultimate Megatron. Make sure you check out our previous Angry Birds Transformers Let’s Play for a more in depth look at Ultimate Megatron.

We’ll also look again at the in-app purchases in Angry Birds Transformers. With a price of £69.99 for 5200 gems in game, it will cost you more than that to upgrade one of your characters from Level 8 to Level 10. Add into the mix a further 24 characters and you’re going to be looking at easily over £2000 to upgrade all of your characters from Level 1 to Level 10 using IAPs. Thankfully you can earn gems and coins in the game to pay for upgrades without having to dip into your piggy bank, but expect a significant time investment to get there.

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