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Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bros Battle Tips & Luiginary Works

Mario & Luigi Dream Bros Full Review:

Mario & Luigi Dream Team tips on battles, badge balancing, rhythm in battles, luiginary powers and super easy mode.

Badge combinations also add another layer of complexity as you can combine different stat boosts to help you deal with different types of enemies.

Different play styles for different enemies. Rhythm and Colour matching. By pressing the A button when you attack you can increase damage.
When not in a battle you can do a Drill Attack, Float, Bounce attack. In the dream world you have Luiginary works Ground Pound, Float, Whirlwind, Ball, Sling Shot.
The game provides a super easy assist mode when you die which enables you to play it at a younger age.
At the same time this is a great title for core gamers because of its role play aspects.

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