Wonderbook Book of Potions – Harry Potter Family Test

We take a close look at Book of Potions for Wonderbook. This includes new text written by J.K.Rowling along with a whole host of different interactions. However, how good is this in the hands of a real family, we took it to task to find out.

Official blurb:
“Do you have what it takes to become a potions champion?
– Enjoy an entirely new creation from the imagination of J.K. Rowling, set in the world of the Harry Potter stories.
– Journey through a mysterious, enchanted garden, guided by Zygmunt Budge – an accomplished potioneer.
– Overcome dangerous obstacles and thrilling challenges to find out if you have what it takes to become a potions champion as you compete for the elusive Golden Cauldron.
– Tilt, touch and rotate your Wonderbook, and use your PlayStation Move motion controller to chop, crush and grind ingredients for your magical concoctions.
– Integrate your Hogwarts™ house and use your very own wand when you link to your account on Pottermore.com – the free, immersive and interactive website from J.K. Rowling.”
Content supported by Sony, including access to the game

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