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The Addams Family – Making Of Pinball Arcade Video-Game

We talk to Bobby King, lead designer at Pinball Arcade about the process of bringing their Kickstarter Addams Family table from a real physical machine into a video-game.

Tracking the process from striping and dismantling the original machine, modelling the elements and mechanics in a computer model to matching up the Digital Readout Display triggers.

We also talk about the extents the team goes to ensuring that the final table plays in the same way as the original. This employs in house expert players as well as external pros that Farsight work with.

Finally, Bobby confirms that the New 3DS and New 3DS XL should be getting their own version of the game this year because they now have the required level of processing.

Also we discuss the Wii U game that may provide the Digital Readout on the tablet controller. Also Bobby highlighted the new Real-time lighting coming to PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

“We taking something that people remember from their past and also introducing these great pinball tables who haven’t played them.”

“The sole purpose of our game is to create and preserve a collection of the greatest pinball machines ever for future generations.”

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