Skylanders Trap Team – CEO Reveals More Female Skylanders, Villain Sculpts

In depth interview with Skylanders Trap Team CEO. Paul Reiche talks about Trap Masters and Traps design evolution, why we need a new Portal again this year, and how there will be more female Skylanders in Trap Team than we’ve seen before:

Spyro’s Adventure – 5 female characters
– Stealth Elf
– Hex
– Cynder
– Sonic Boom
– Whirlwind

Giants – 4 female characters
– Chill
– Ninjini (Giant)
– Sprocket
– Flashwing

Swap Force – 5 female characters
– Roller Brawl
– Star Strike
– Smoulder
– Punk Shock
– Scratch

Trap Team – 2 female characters so far
– Gear Shift
– Torch

We also here about physical 3D printed characters for the Trap Team Villains.

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