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Skylanders Hunting Mispackaged & Rare Skylanders with Super-Fan

Meet our new Skylanders Swap Force super fan. He takes us on a tour of his rare and mis-packed collection:

– Ignitor (Packed without Sword)
– Cynder (Packed as Chop Chop)
– Wham Shell (Toys R Us, Not Retail)
– Legendary Trigger Happy (Missing Packaging Banner)
– Crystal Stealth Elf
– Gold Flame Slinger (US Packaging)
– Crystal Cynder
– Zap (Glow in dark – painted)
– Wrecking Ball (Glow in dark – painted)
– Warnado (Glow in dark – painted)
– Flocked Stump Smash
– Gnarly Blue Tree Rex
– Sonic Boom (Glow in dark – plastic)
– Fright Rider (Glow in dark – plastic)
– Cynder (Glow in dark – painted)
– Punch Pop Fizz (3DS Starter Pack)
– Royal Double Trouble (Battleground pack)
– Gold Drill Sergeant
– Translucent Green Gill Grunt (Xbox 360 Starter Pack)
– Red Drill Sergeant (Wallmark Exclusive)
– Blue Translucent Bash (Facebook Voted)
– Dark Spyro (Tesco Exclusive)

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