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Rocket League – Hot Wheels, Zag, Nerf (Car Toy Montage)

We look at the new Rocket League Hot Wheels cars and DLC content. These Hotwheels vehicles are modelled on the classic toy die-cast cars.

There are also some Pull-Back Minis cars from Zag Toys that not only offer a real world way to play Rocket League on the living room carpet but also provide a code for in game DLC with the toy cars themselves.

We’re also bringing some unique in-game content with these new Original Minis, as some of the Racers will include a code that can be redeemed in Rocket League for a special Rocket Trail and Wheel!

This is our Rocket League Montage video of all the related toys coming out soon. Our Rocket League Tips is to get your orders in for these toys as soon as they pop up on retail because they will sell fast.

We also check back in with the related Nerf Nitro car launcher that looks quite a lot like Rocket League in how the cars fly off the jumps through the air.

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