Power Rangers Dino Charge Toys: Rumble and Roar T-Rex Zord, White Ranger Legacy Saba & TigerZord

We take a look at the new 2015 Power Rangers for Dino Charge.

We start with the Zord builder lineup with Megazords, Dinozords and Zord Armour. Each of these use a Dino Charger that activates different features in the toys.

The big toy was the Rumble and Roar T-Rex Zord. He not only has lights and recognizes a Dino Charger but is also articulated and has a special spin attack.

Finally, we checked in with 5″ figures. Villains feature heavily in the battle Power Rangers (including Gold) and Megazord ranges. The 12″ figures offer more detail, accessories and articulation. Gold will be coming in Autumn along with Fury in 12″.

The main figures are the Mix and Morph assortment that can be collected and then mashed up into custom heroes and villains.

Finally we checked out the Legacy range for 2015. This year it’s the White Ranger with the White TigerZord. There is also a White Ranger Legacy Morpher and White Ranger Saba Sword. All legacy products are heavy diecast and felt great.

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