New Skylanders Giants – Hot Head, Swarm, Fright Rider, Flashwing, Chill and Sprocket (FGTV 2.12)

New Skylanders Giants revealed Hot Head and Swarm.
Check new US Skylanders Giants:
Check new UK Skylanders Giants:

Also we reveal some regular sized Skylanders for Giants also confirmed Fright Rider, Flashwing, Chill and Sprocket.

New Skylanders Giants:
– Hot Head – New reveal Fire Element
– Swarm (Swarn?) – New reveal Air Element
– Bouncer – Tech Element
– Crusher – Earth Element
– Tree Rex – Life Element

New regular sized Skylanders:
– Fright Rider – New reveal Undead Element
– Flashwing – New reveal Earth Element
– Chill – New reveal Water Element
– Sprocket – New reveal Tech Element
– Shroom Boom – Life Element
– Jet Vac – Air Element
– Pop Fizz – Magic Element

New LightCore Revealed
– Drobot – New reveal.
– Eruptor
– Prism Break

New LightCore Revealed
– Jet Vac – New reveal.
– Shroom Boom

Reposed Series 2 Skylanders Revealed
– Prism Break
– Chop Chop
– Whirl Wind
– Double Trouble
– Stump Smash
– Ignitor
– Trigger Happy
– Sonic Boom
– Gill Grunt
– Slam Bam
– Bash
– Drill Sergeant
– Hex
– Zook
– Terrafin
– Cynder
– Drobot
– Eruptor

All game footage used with permission of publishers and available online.
Name of the credits music track: “Win This Race”
Artist of the credits music track: “Piccadilly Circus”
Direct URL of the credits music track:
Link to the license terms:

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