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NEW PS4 Family Games for 2017 – Lego Worlds, Yooka-Laylee, Snake Pass, Lego City,

I’ve had a look through the just out and upcoming games on the PlayStation 4 to see which are best suited to families.

Lego Worlds (PEGI: 7+)
This is an open world version of the classic Lego video-games. Rather than follow a movie plot, here you explore different worlds to collect, build, create and share Lego inventions. Players of all ages make their own fun while following the loose storyline.

Yooka-Laylee (PEGI 7+)
The talent behind Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country bring us an amazing open world platform game crammed full of characters, secrets and things to collect. It’s ideal for youngsters because of the bright visuals and simple pick-up and play experience.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (PEGI 3+)
Young players will enjoy the simple controls and immediate action while parents who remember the original are offered a new way to share gaming from their own childhood. If this sounds up your street then remember that you can also play as Crash Bandicoot in this year’s Skylanders Imaginators game on PlayStation 4.

Lego City Undercover (PEGI 7+)
Another Lego game set in an open world, but this time it’s back to the story driven form of more traditional Lego video-games. Players take the role of undercover cop, Chase McCain, to hunt down criminals. As they progress, a variety of moves and disguises slowly grant access to more and more of the city and with that the unfolding narrative.

Snake Pass (PEGI 3+)
This may look like any other brightly coloured puzzle game but Snake Pass has a twist in its tail. Rather than simply control the movement directly, players must use the game’s real time physics environment to really think like a snake.

If you have a PS4 Pro the game will also render in 4K Ultra High-Definition as well as offering enhanced HDR lighting on all PlayStation platforms — which means the colours should really pop off the screen.

Wipeout: Omega Collection
Wipeout: Omega Collection is a sci-fi racing video game coming later this year on PlayStation 4. It provides a visually remastered 4K version of Wipeout HD and Wipeout 2048. Players control futuristic craft around a super-fast track using turbo jets to stay on course.

Micro Machines World Series
The novelty here is the miniature vehicles and out-sized environments through which players race. Based on the classic games of the same name, this will pit mums, dads and children against each other in everyday locations around the home.

More Information on family gaming and the PEGI ratings: is the industry funding website for families.
Games Rating Authority ( is the statutory body who rates video-games.
FamilyGamerTV provides video game buying guides ( for parents.

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