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Maths Doctor review by Teacher

We talk to teacher and head of year, Ben Hunt, about the online tuition service Maths Doctor (

We wanted to get a teacher’s perspective to see how they see extra tuition. Mr Hunt said it showed that parents were keen on their child doing well and that the child is committed to learning/improving outside of class. Also he talked about evidence in class shows that tuition can boost grades and really help children do well.

We also revisited the tech side of the Maths Doctor experience. Ellen really enjoyed the novelty of the technology aspect. Mr Hunt thought that Maths Doctor’s tablet interface offered a good medium between pen & paper and computer. Fun and engaging yet not too far distanced from exam environment.

Finally I wanted to ask a tough question, was there a tension between teacher and tutor. Mr Hunt highlighted the importance of clear communication between child/teacher/parent/tutor. But suggested these things could work together well, that any support outside of school is of benefit to both teacher and child.

Check out our first test of the service here:

This episode was supported by Maths Doctor including access to the service. Find out more about them here:

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