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Mario Kart 8 – Family Championships with F1 Commentary

Big F1 Motor Sport commentary for the first round of our Mario Kart 8 competition. Four families are battling it out for our huge real life Mario Kart Trophies.

First up are the Hunt family:
Ben (Dad in white top) – Racing bottom right as Princess Peach
Ethan (Son in Red Shirt) – Racing bottom left as Larry
Joel (Son in Blue Shirt) – Racing top left as Shy Guy
Noah (Son in Grey Shirt) – Racing top right as Metal Mario

They chose to race on the “Sunshine Airport” taking inspiration from Mario Sunshine, with its jumps, sharp bends and flying sections.

The winners from their family go through to our big final. Subscribe for the next round or check back for more updates. Here are our Mario Kart 8 Circuit Shortcuts put together to help the families plan their next race tactics:
Check back for the other cups:
Mushroom Cup

Flower Cup

Cloud Cup

Special Cup

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