Let’s Play Jolly Jam #1 – First 20 Minutes of Candy Crush style game from Rovio

Not wanting to be left out in the Candy Crush gold rush, Rovio have recently launched Jolly Jame, a new Match 3 style game, onto app stores worldwide. Well we say Match 3, when really, it’s all about matching corners. Levels are setup very much akin to Candy Crush Saga and it’s ilk, but in Jolly Jam you have to draw a rectangle with matching fruits in it’s opposing corners. Every one of that particular fruit will then disappear to be replaced by others.

This unique new take on Match 3 gives an immensely satisfying feeling while playing due to the sheer volume of fruits you’re “popping” each turn. Combined with mostly straightforward levels and there’s an immediate sense of progression. 50 levels flew by and with seemingly no need to dip into the in-app purchases to assist us. One major difference between Jolly Jam and Candy Crush Saga comes with occasional boss battles. These battles are more akin to gameplay in Best Fiends, where the matches you make damage your opponent.

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