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Let’s Play Best Fiends – First 30 Mins, In App Purchases, Ex Angry Birds Staff

We finally get hands on with the new game from the people who worked on Angry Birds at Rovio. Best Fiends combines Candy Crush style match game-play and a role-play leveling up mechanic.

Launching in October, we’ve got an early hands on of Best Fiends, the upcoming match three puzzle game with RPG elements. Developed by a collection of talent from Rovio, 20th Century Fox, Disney, Remedy and more, Best Fiends is looking to become that next go to game in your pocket. With elements of Candy Crush and Doctor Who Legacy, plus lashings of charm, Best Fiends is an attractive looking freemium package. Supported by in-app purchases, the game places certain restrictions on how long you can play, but certainly on the surface doesn’t seem to go beyond other games of it’s ilk.

In this video, we’ll take a look at the first ten levels of the game and explore how the mechanics of both the puzzle elements and the combat work. Watch as we struggle against a number of evil slugs intent on our doom and how we make use of the different characters in the game, leveling them up to help us progress. We’ll also dip into the in-app purchases to look at the pricing of each aspect, so you know what to expect when you bump up against the in-game timers etc.

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