Let’s Play Beast Quest – Part 5 – Sepron Hunting - YouTube thumbnail

Let’s Play Beast Quest – Part 5 – Sepron Hunting

We return once again to the land of Avantia as our father and son complete the wizard Aduro’s quest and unlock a new area in their hunt for Nanook. Restoring the broken bridge grants us not only access to a new area, but new enemies as well. This time we’re up again Ice Marauder’s who pose a new challenge to Tom and our Father and Son team. New combat techniques are needed to master these new foes, but new rewards are also open to us now that we’ve unlocked Aduro’s Magic Chest.

Even though we’re still on the quest for Nanook, a small in-app purchase also gives us access to the Sepron quest, giving us access to a new and vastly different environment, set as it is in a beach location. This brings with it even more new foes to fight in the form of Piranha Pirates and of course Sepron himself, the giant sea serpent. Watch as our Father and Son have their first encounter with this famed beast. How will they fare?

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