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Lego Dimensions “Doctor Who” Open World Guide #12 Part 1

We have finally reached wave two of LEGO Dimensions and we are heading into the eagerly anticipated Dr Who open / adventure World.

At a first glance it looks like a rather small world of 21st Century London! But it is full of surprises. We discover Missy who has a problem with some doplegangers, and then we discover that Lady Vastra has discovered some kidnapping going on! So the missions fit very nicely into the Dr Who universe!

We then look at how the Tardis works with traveling through time and space! And explained how you can play as your favourite Dr! And this is where we realise that the rather small open world must be made bigger! By using the Tardis we can travel to other locations in time and space such as Skaro, Mars and 19th century London and with the help of WildStyle we create a device to transport the world and connect it to 21st Century London which then unlocks all of its secrets and gold bricks for you to hunt down! But to do this we need to use the Dr’s Hacking ability and we show you the rather odd mini game puzzle it gives you!

Looking at the different worlds This open world has to offer we realise it is so vast and having to bring all the different worlds together through time and space before you are able to explore them properly is going to take time! So check back soon when we will show you more with all of the worlds connected!

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