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Is “Lego Dimensions” A Thing? – Lego President talks Toys to Life and Lego

With news rumoured of a new Lego Toys to Life product called Lego Dimensions we talked to Soren Laursen, President of Lego for Americas about Lego’s strategy in the video-game space.

“We believe the digital gaming space is a huge amplifier of the physical play experience, but we don’t want the digital play experience to cannibalize the physical play. We continue to explore many different digital opportunities as we are doing right now.”

Asking Laursen specifically about the “Toys to Life” category, it was obviously a sector he followed closely. “[Skylanders and Disney Infinity] are obviously competitors, that play experience is very meaningful for children, they love to play in that space. So we are more encouraged by it.”

Moving to talk about the wider toy landscape Laursen again had the digital space in mind, “our biggest challenge is to continue to stay close to our core audience and understand where they are moving. For us to constantly to be almost paranoid to be sharp enough to our key stakeholders, children.”

It could be similar to the recent Sick Bricks game, although we are hoping for proper Smart Minifigures:

Kids invent Lego Dimensions portal:

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