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Introduction to FGTV Talks Season 1

A new arts project from Family Gamer TV engages audience with videogames through thought provoking songs.

Rebecca Mayes, long-time contributor to The Escapist, has collaborated on a new project where she performs a variety of gaming themed songs live before discussing the issues they raise with viewers.

The weekly show will air in the run up to Christmas and offer a fresh way to engage with topics as diverse as violence, therapy, family arguments, body image, life choices and living adventures.

Producer Andy Robertson said today “Most main stream headlines polarise videogames into gamers and non-gamers, avid fans or suspicious onlookers. This project, like the gaming cathedral service before it, is a fresh way to talk about video games without this divide. By considering how games relate to the issues of everyday life they aim to be interesting to all ages and perspectives.”

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