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HUGE Let’s Play Trap Team “Rainfish Riviera” – Upgrades, Skystones, Direct Feed

Brand new Skylanders Trap Team level alert. Rainfish Riviera: “Try to find Mags’ Information Squid and not get eaten by a giant fish at the same time!”

Here’s 20 gorgeous minutes of the game running on PlayStation 4 complete with expert commentary from Lou Studdert one of the producers at Activision.

We work our way through the new level looking in detail at the new Trap Masters Bushwhack and Head Rush. We also work through each of their upgrade trees (as well as Wildfire). We round the session off by brining in three classic Skylanders:
Stealth Elf from Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure
Hot Head from Skylanders Giant
Fire Kraken from Skylanders Swap Force

We also check out some new villains along the way. Brawlrus is quickly trapped to join the forces of good. Master Mind took a little longer but was trapped all the same.

We had our first play of Skylanders Stones Smash, learning both the basic and advanced rules including the mathematics of the game and magical attacks.

Finally there are some new non player characters to meet. Mags is slightly crazy and random but we grew to really like her. Great voice work and writing all round.

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