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Geek Sermon: Join The Church Of The Gamer (Part 1)

Like any religion that of being a geek takes time and dedication, perhaps no part more than that of the gaming geek. This is not a call to become a Christian, but a gamer. A gamer of a specific persuasion who not only plays for thrills and head-shots and boss battles, but to connect their gaming experiences with real life.
It was recorded at Greenbelt, an arts, faith and justice festival with a long and rich history that has been going for 40 years (without a break). The audience was largely people who had a faith, and likely that faith was Christianity. It was also likely an audience who were not yet big gamers. The talk language and tone reflects this.

– My related TEDx talk:
– Interview with Jenova Chen on games and faith:
– Use of Flower in Exeter Cathedral Worship Service:

From my Greenbelt talk (cc licence):

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