Bandai CEO Interview – Plans for Big Hero 6 Toys Tamagotchi and Power Rangers

We were granted an interview with Akihiro Sato, CEO Bandai US. He confirmed future plans for Bandai to release Digimin, Big Hero 6, Power Rangers and Tamagotchi toys.

Akihiro Sato, CEO Bandai US, who outlined their plans for the year. “In terms of boys properties, first of all the Power Rangers series including Super Mega Force launching this week, there are more characters coming up compared to the old series. Then there is Pac Man, Digimon, Sprukits and toys for the Godzilla and Big Hero 6 Disney move. In terms of girls, we have Moxie which has Legend’s of Oz this year including toys for the new movie.”

The other big property Mr Sato was keen to talk about was the new Tamagotchi Friends line. “We also have a new feature that lets you play with other Tamagotchis. We have been doing this property for many years in Japan and we are very excited to bring it here, it’s one of our best properties. You can interact with your friends, and as the word gets out we have a website where you can watch the episodes.”

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