Anki Overdrive Review – New App, Cars, Track [Day 0]

Anki Overdrive Review – New App, Cars, Track [Day 0]

Our first review look at Anki Overdrive New App and Track Starter Pack. We create a mega track and give the new Commander opponents a run for their money.

Getting the Starter Pack in the home for the first time, and working through the different Race, Battle, Time Trial and King of the Hill modes, really did feel like a video-game. This was in large part due to the level of characterization in both the enemy drivers and the vehicles themselves.

Even after a few hours there is a strong sense of connection to the different rides, as you make choices to customize and level them up in distinct ways. Unlocking a new weapons from a Loot Crate or progressing to a higher level feels like a real achievement.

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