Angry Birds Go! App (4c of 5) Game-Play Hands On Preview - YouTube thumbnail

Angry Birds Go! App (4c of 5) Game-Play Hands On Preview

Getting ready for our big review on the 11th here’s a sneak peek preview of Angry Birds Go! The Williams family take the first few levels for a spin to see what this Kart Racing game has to offer. They test Red, in Hal’s Shoomerang L6 kart on Stunt Track 1.

Getting early access to video-games is always a double edged sword. It’s often exciting to try these things first, but how best should one really put a new title through its paces. To that end I put Angry Birds Go!, the new Mario Kart style racing game that uses Skylanders style physical toys to access characters and cars, in the hands of a family to try out.

As you can see an immediate draw was the music, with both dad and son dancing away to the tunes offered by Angry Birds Go! From here it was the Telepod figures that next drew the eye with the son eager to bring in the Toys into the game. Like Skylanders this uses your physical Angry Birds Go! toy collections to access new characters and toys.

The game lets you both tilt or use buttons to control the Karting and from the video it looks like the instinctive way to play will be those tilt controls. This is similar to Mario Kart on the Wii and 3DS where you choose either. In my family the first person tilt perspective on the 3DS game quickly became the favorite way to play.

Having dipped our toes in the Angry Birds Go! game it will be interesting to spend more time with it ready for a full review on the 11th. Certainly first impressions are promising, providing the freemium nature of the game doesn’t look to monetize the experience beyond the purchasing of the physical toys.

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