16 New Swap Force Combos – Skylanders Marathon (Hoot Loop, Magna Charge, Blast Zone & Wash Buckler)

Guha Bala, Skylanders CEO took some time at E3 to introduce us to every combination of four Swap Force figures Magna Charge, Blast Zone, Hoot Loop and Wash Buckler. This gave us the following combinations on screen and in the figures, which is your favourite?
-Magna Charge
-Magna Buckler
-Magna Loop
-Magna Zone
-Blast Zone
-Blast Charge
-Blast Loop
-Blast Buckler
-Hoot Loop
-Hoot Zone
-Hoot Charge
-Hoot Buckler
-Wash Buckler
-Wash Loop
-Wash Zone
-Wash Charge

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