Let’s Play Skylanders Kart Racing – Cloud Factory Game-Play

We have a look at the whole of the Cloud Factory kart racing level in Skylanders SuperChargers. Playing in a four player on-line competitive mode with other AI drivers we tested out Dive Clops.

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Skylanders SuperChargers CEO – Adventure Packs, Traps, Portal Compatibility, Gender, Toy Design

We get a chance to talk to the CEO’s of Vicarious Visions, the team behind Skylanders Superchargers.

We ask them some pressing questions:
– The Wii version of the game.
– Portal backwards compatibility right back to Spyro’s Adventure
– More Amiibo Skylanders?
– Confirmed, Adventure Pack support in Superchargers?
– Gender Mix of Skylanders?
– Why can’t Superchargers toys go in the physical Vehicles?

Skylanders Superchargers: Wave 1 Combos, Online Play, Race as Villain Confirmed [HD Images]

We have a good look at the pre-order Skylanders Superchargers packaging. This reveals the first Wave 1 Supercharger Characters:
– Splat and Splatter Splash
– Deep Dive Gill Grunt and Reef Ripper
– Big Bubble Pop Fizz and Soda Skimmer
– Dive Clops and Dive Bomber
– Lava Lance Eruptor and Burn-Cycle
– Thrillipede and Buzz Wing
– Super Shot Stealth Elf and Stealth Stinger
– Spitfire and Hot Streak
– Nightfall and Sea Shadow
– Astroblast and Stun Runner

This also shows the Online Racing and Co-Op modes, along with a slightly blurry look at the full poster.

Skylanders SuperChargers Let’s Play 13 Minutes of Dark Edition

We take a look at 13 minutes of Skylanders Superchargers Dark Edition game play. We also spot that you can use Adventure toy pieces to unlock vehicle boosts.

Activision will today reveal the new Skylanders® SuperChargers Dark Edition at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2015 where attendees will be among the first consumers in the world to play the game with dark versions of the Starter Pack characters, including Dark Turbo Charge Donkey Kong and his Dark Barrel Blaster land vehicle; Dark Hammer Slam Bowser and his Dark Clown Cruiser sky vehicle; and Skylanders fan-favourite Stealth Elf in a new Dark version.

Dark Super Shot Stealth Elf and Dark Sea Shadow will be available exclusively in the Dark Edition Starter Packs for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation® 3, and PlayStation® 4. The Wii U™ Dark Edition Starter Pack will include Dark Turbo Charge Donkey Kong and Dark Barrel Blaster, exclusively. A different, unique adventure including Dark Hammer Slam Bowser and Dark Clown Cruiser will be made available on Nintendo’s Wii™ system. The Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition Starter Packs will be available exclusively at GAME in the UK.

Skylanders Superchargers Dark Edition – Analysis (Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, Wii)

We take a close look at the Skylanders Dark Edition packs form PS4, Xbox One, Wii U and Wii.

For comparison the normal packs are:
– Xbox One, PS4: Spitfire, Hot Streak, Super Shot Stealth Elf – £59.99
– Wii U: Turbo Charged Donkey Kong, Barrel Blaster, Super Shot Stealth Elf – £54.99
– Wii/3DS: Hammer Slam Bowser, Clown Cruiser, Super Shot Stealth Elf – £54.99

The Dark Edition packs are:
– Xbox One, PS4: Dark Spitfire, Dark Hot Streak, Dark Super Shot Stealth Elf + Dark Sea Shadow, Kaos Trophy – £84.99
– Wii U: Dark Turbo Charged Donkey Kong, Dark Barrel Blaster + Dark Spitfire, Dark Hot Streak, Kaos Trophy – £84.99
– Wii: Dark Hammer Slam Bowser, Dark Clown Cruiser + Dark Spitfire, Dark Hot Streak, Kaos Trophy – £69.99

Cost Analysis
Here’s some break down of the costs.
Xbox One Dark Edition = 1 Vehicle & 1 Trophy for £25
Wii U Dark Edition = 1 Vehicle & 1 Trophy for £30 (Note: Swapping Stealth Elf for Spitfire)
Wii Dark Edition = 1 Vehicle & 1 Trophy for £15 (Note: Swapping Stealth Elf for Spitfire)

Also, weird that there’s no Dark vehicle for Stealth Elf and no accompany Dark Nightfall Supercharger for Sea Shadow.

Skylanders SuperChargers Head Talks Wii, 3DS, Pricing, Retail Stores

We have a chance to talk to Josh Taub, director of Skylanders at Activision. He talks about the 4 year journey of the Skylanders franchise and we get to ask some pressing question:
– Value for money this year in Skylanders Superchargers?
– Digital owners portal pack?
– Backwards compatibility of Portal?
– Support for Wii game?

“The Wii is an important part of our fan base. Rest assured it’s going to be a great gaming experience. We think there is a very active install base on the Wii and 3DS who deserve great content. On Skylanders they have been our biggest fans over the years. We want to be able to be where our fans are and we think it’s important to develop on that platform as long as we can for them.”

“The category we’ve created is about 4 billion dollars, retail space hasn’t been an issue. Our retailers understand the need for shelf space. We do things with each retail partner in different ways. Toys R Us has been a great partner in terms of the largest toy store but we also have had great relationships with other retailers across the country.”