Furreal Cubby Makes Broken Arm Girl Happy

Hasbro lent us Furreal Cubby to play with. He made this little girl happy after she broke her arm.

Furreal Cubby, The Curious Bear

(Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $99.99/Available: Summer 2019)

furReal Cubby, the Curious Bear Interactive Plush Toy is a dream companion for kids– one who’ll excitedly take part in all their adventures, and snuggle next to them at the end of the day. Cubby is a curious young cub and is eager to be picked up and held (he hugs you back!), play peek-a-boo, and even dance from time to time. And let’s not forget snack time! Feed him his bottle or treat and he’ll make eating sounds. He’s a chatty little bear, too – he babbles back when he’s spoken to. In nighttime mode, this cutie closes his eyes, makes sleepy sounds, and plays one of four 5-minute sequences of soft music. Sweet dreams, Cubby! With moving eyes, nose, and mouth, his face is delightfully expressive – making him a totally loveable cub! Requires 4 x 1.5 v C batteries. Available at most major toy retailers.

New Disney Dinosaur Show! Gigantosaurus Episodes Clip and Toys

Early access to new Disney Junior and Disney Channel Dinosaur show Gigantosaurus. We check out the Gigantosaurus toys and Disney cartoon.

Like PJ Masks this is inspired from a children’s book, also called Gigantosaurus. Unlike PJ Masks, it features Dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes though.

We have a clip from one of the first Gigantosaurus Episodes that will be aired on the Disney Channel on 18th January.

We see Rocky, Bill, Tiny, and Mazu the four Dino-kids in the show. And have a sneak peek at the toys for each of them coming from Jakks Pacific.

Clip provided Cyber Group Studios, toy images provided by Jakks Pacific.

PJ Masks NEW! Mega Rover – Romeo Steals Homework

PJ Masks Super Moon Mega Rover and PJ Masks Fortress toys in this PJ Masks episodes of the show from Disney Junior and Disney Channel.

Romeo steals the new Mega Rover to take Catboy’s homework and the keys and sweet money. But the new PJ Masks Fortress is the ideal Truth Detector so Mum and tell who is telling the truth.

In the end Romeo gets trapped in the PJ Masks Fortress prison. And the girls get to play with their PJ Masks toys.

The PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Mega Rover will be in Walmart in the US during January 2019, as well as UK retailers this Spring.

The PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Mega Rover is the newest vehicle to help the PJ Masks capture the Nighttime villains! Featuring lights and sounds, the Super Moon Adventure Mega Rover includes one 3” Catboy figure. The Mega Rover’s control cockpit can fit up to 3 PJ Masks 3” figures. Place Catboy behind the wheel as he goes on the look-out for Luna Girl. Use the missile launcher to scare off the villains! The Mega Rover’s bed features a drop-down hatch for the PJ Masks to place their captured villains inside. Requires 2 AA batteries (included). Ages 3+, SRP $29.99

PJ Masks Fortress Traps Romeo with Amadylan Toy

In this New PJ Masks Episodes we play with the PJ Masks Super Moon Adventures Fortress playset. It’s from the Disney Junior PJ Masks episodes with Amadylan, Romeo, Owlette, Gekko, Catboy, Luna Girl.

We played with the following both available in Jan 2019 in US and in UK for the Spring:

-PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Fortress Playset
-PJ Masks Gekko and Armadylan Figure Pack

PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Fortress Playset
The PJ Masks are taking the adventure to the moon! The new PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Fortress Playset is full of kid-powered play! Kids can secure their PJ Masks figures in the zero gravity belts and pull the levers to help protect the fortress! Keep intruders away with the Moon Shooter and capture baddies in the Crystal Moon Trap! Reveal the secret Lunar Platform by pulling the lever at the top of the playset! The playset comes with a 3” Catboy figure and a 3” Luna Girl figure. Both figures are articulated so kids can move them into fun poses and enhance the imaginative play! Ages 3+, SRP $24.99

PJ Masks Gekko and Armadylan Figure Pack
The PJ Masks Gekko and Armadylan Figure Pack is full of heroic adventures! This dynamic 2-Pack features Gekko and Armadylan as poseable figures! Armadylan even comes with a skateboard accessory, featuring rolling wheels. Both figures are poseable to help promote imaginative hero play! The figure set comes with: one Gekko figure, one Armadylan figure, and Armadylan’s skateboard. Collect all three sets for even more hero fun. Collect all available sets for even more hero fun, including Catboy and PJ Robot, Owlette and Howler and Gekko and Armadylan. Each 2-Pack sold separately. Ages 3+​, SRP $7.99

Romeo Invades NEW PJ Masks Racing Heroes Game

Romeo and Lunar Girl invade the new iPad PJ Masks Racing Heroes video game. In this PJ Masks Episodes we have to get Owlette, Gekko and Catboy into the new Disney Junior PJ Masks Racing Heroes game and kick Romeo and Lunar Girl out.

The game is out on the 13th and will be on Android, iOS and Kindle. It’s great fun to play.

Race with Catboy, Owlette and Gekko on this thrilling lunar adventure! Those night-time villains Luna Girl and Romeo want the moon crystals to increase their powers – you’ve got to stop them! Climb aboard the PJ Rovers and race across the Moon to recover as many crystals as you can. But watch out – there are obstacles to challenge you at every turn. This is your chance to be a hero – just like the PJ Masks . . .

PJ Masks, we’re on our way! Into the night to save the day!

• Choose your favorite PJ Masks character
• Collect gold moon crystals to upgrade your PJ Rover
• Pickup power cells to activate Amulet power
• Drive over boost pads for extra speed
• Stay on the holo-platforms for extra power cells
• Watch out for Luna Girl’s moonfizzle balls and Romeo’s shrink ray
• Race the PJ Rovers across the lunar plains as you challenge the villains
• Fly the HQ Rocket across the Moon.
• Earn rewards and unlock new skills and levels

Collect the power cells and trigger the PJ Masks’ superpowers:
• Catboy – he can go at Super Cat Speed , faster than the other heroes
• Owlette – she can see more crystals with her Super Owl Eyes and magnetically attract them
• Gekko – he can become invisible with his Super Gekko Camouflage and drive through obstacles

There are over 35 levels to race through, each one different from the last:
• Race to the finish with the PJ Masks!
• Battle against Luna Girl, Romeo and Romeo’s Robot
• Chase a villain through lunar valleys, plains and tunnels
• Follow your fellow PJ Masks trail to navigate through meteor showers, boulder fields and crystal traps
• Pilot the HQ Rocket through asteroid fields

NEW Mission Control Romeo Steals PJ Masks TV

New Transforming PJ Masks Mission Control HQ toy (Disney Junior) and Romeo has a new green color. But he starts stealing all of the family things. Worst of all the girls get blamed for it and have to take Fib Detector test form Mom. PJ Masks episodes and PJ Masks games don’t get more fun than this!

Just Play sent us the toy to try ahead of it being in Walmart in December 2018.

Owlette, Gekko and Catboy have to sort it out and trap Romeo for stealing all the things.

Here are all the details on the PJ Masks Mission Control HQ, how it Transforms and all the Mission Control PJ games, computers and toys.

The PJ Masks Mission Control HQ Playset is three levels of action packed fun! Kids will love recreating the adventures of their favorite nighttime heroes, the PJ Masks! This dynamic playset starts out as the iconic PJ Masks totem pole Headquarters as seen in the show and then opens to reveal three levels of kid-powered features that will keep aspiring heroes entertained for hours! Capture villains with the secret trap door and lightning bolt cage, and plan PJ Masks missions with the light and sounds control panel that plays phrases from the show! Send Catboy spinning down the corkscrew pole to launch him into action and defend against intruders with the moveable feather dart launcher!

Deflect attacks with the built-in Gekko shield, and help Owlette choose the next mission with the scroll-through mission tablet! The set comes with one Catboy figure and one Romeo figure and can accommodate all PJ Masks 3″ figures. All other figures sold separately. Catboy and Romeo are highly detailed and come with poseable limbs to help kids live out the PJ Masks adventures with this Mission Control HQ Playset! Ages 3+​.

US SRP is $39.99

Romeo Steals The PJ Masks Train

In today’s PJ Masks episode (Disney Junior) we catch the train to the new toys but Romeo has taken over the controls and won’t stop it. Gekko, Owlette and Catboy are stranded at the station with the PJ Masks train rushing by.

But Fox turns up in his Arwing spaceship and stops Romeo in the train. He gets on board and takes the train to unbox the toys and save the day. Then Owlette, Gekko and Catboy (and Fox) can see the story for the new Starlink: Battle For Atlas game.