Wii U Family Review (Part 1 of 3)

We take a close look at what the Wii U has to offer families. Different aspects of the games and the hardware of the console work well for various age demographics.

A range of different games also help fit the console for the wider family. This includes the (still hugely popular with families) launch title Nintendo Land as well as more recent games like Mario Kart, Zelda The Wind Waker and Super Smash Bros.

The amiibo figures and cards also benefit the system for families by extending functionality, modes, outfits and levels.

Skylanders Superchargers Dark Edition – Analysis (Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, Wii)

We take a close look at the Skylanders Dark Edition packs form PS4, Xbox One, Wii U and Wii.

For comparison the normal packs are:
– Xbox One, PS4: Spitfire, Hot Streak, Super Shot Stealth Elf – £59.99
– Wii U: Turbo Charged Donkey Kong, Barrel Blaster, Super Shot Stealth Elf – £54.99
– Wii/3DS: Hammer Slam Bowser, Clown Cruiser, Super Shot Stealth Elf – £54.99

The Dark Edition packs are:
– Xbox One, PS4: Dark Spitfire, Dark Hot Streak, Dark Super Shot Stealth Elf + Dark Sea Shadow, Kaos Trophy – £84.99
– Wii U: Dark Turbo Charged Donkey Kong, Dark Barrel Blaster + Dark Spitfire, Dark Hot Streak, Kaos Trophy – £84.99
– Wii: Dark Hammer Slam Bowser, Dark Clown Cruiser + Dark Spitfire, Dark Hot Streak, Kaos Trophy – £69.99

Cost Analysis
Here’s some break down of the costs.
Xbox One Dark Edition = 1 Vehicle & 1 Trophy for £25
Wii U Dark Edition = 1 Vehicle & 1 Trophy for £30 (Note: Swapping Stealth Elf for Spitfire)
Wii Dark Edition = 1 Vehicle & 1 Trophy for £15 (Note: Swapping Stealth Elf for Spitfire)

Also, weird that there’s no Dark vehicle for Stealth Elf and no accompany Dark Nightfall Supercharger for Sea Shadow.

Skylanders SuperChargers Head Talks Wii, 3DS, Pricing, Retail Stores

We have a chance to talk to Josh Taub, director of Skylanders at Activision. He talks about the 4 year journey of the Skylanders franchise and we get to ask some pressing question:
– Value for money this year in Skylanders Superchargers?
– Digital owners portal pack?
– Backwards compatibility of Portal?
– Support for Wii game?

“The Wii is an important part of our fan base. Rest assured it’s going to be a great gaming experience. We think there is a very active install base on the Wii and 3DS who deserve great content. On Skylanders they have been our biggest fans over the years. We want to be able to be where our fans are and we think it’s important to develop on that platform as long as we can for them.”

“The category we’ve created is about 4 billion dollars, retail space hasn’t been an issue. Our retailers understand the need for shelf space. We do things with each retail partner in different ways. Toys R Us has been a great partner in terms of the largest toy store but we also have had great relationships with other retailers across the country.”

Skylanders SuperChargers Racing – Wii U, Wii & 3DS Game Analysis

This week we have sight of the packaging and official name for the Wii and 3DS game, Skylanders Superchargers Racing. With a vehicle theme already present in the main game it’s not a huge stretch to imagine a Mario Kart style experience that uses the different Skylanders rides in a battling raceway.

The question is how the game will combine the three classes of air, land and water. Will there be separate races for each type or will they be able to race against each other? Also how will the driver-car combos work out in a racing scenario?

However it breaks down Skylanders Superchargers Racing looks like it will take the kart customisation of Mario to the next level with an impressive array of mods already shown for the Wii U game. This enables players to apply modifications to the vehicles in the main game before bringing them to the Wii or 3DS where, presumably, these mods would be supported.

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Wii U – Let’s Play Hands On

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash was familiar territory, with moves and buttons building on the 3DS Mario Tennis experience. On the bigger screen though it looked fantastic and invited more ambitious play. Timing shots just right soon came back to me as did triggering drop shots and super smashes. As ever this is on the fantastical end of video-game tennis, but still keeps things competitive rather than random.

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